Disclaimer: Please note that the market value results of your investments are valid only at certain date/s.
On the other hand, please refer to the NAVPU posted at the end of each transaction date for redemption of your PSBank Money Market Fund investment.

Fund Name Net Asset Values per Unit 30 Days (Annualized) 90 Days (Annualized) Year-to-Date (Annualized) Year-on-Year Since Inception
PSBank Money Market Fund 114.223931 0.132% 0.828% 0.720% 1.844% 17.780%

Rates are subject to change without prior notice.
Please contact any PSBank branch for the prevailing rates.

As of 02 March 2021

Number of Units
Market Value of Investment
* ROI (in %) Absolute
Annualized (Gross of Tax)
** YTD (in %) Absolute
Annualized (Gross of Tax)
*** YOY (in %) Absolute
Annualized (Gross of Tax)