The PSBank Regular Passbook Savings account offers the benefit of earning a fixed interest rate and a convenient way to monitor transactions.  Whether you are saving up for an investment, a special occasion, or an emergency fund, PSBank will make it simple and easy for you. Simply fill out our account opening forms and present at least two valid IDs with your photo. With a minimum maintaining and daily balance of only PhP5,000, you can open up an account and start earning interests on your deposits. To monitor your account efficiently, we have allotted a section on the passbook where you can write details of your transactions.

Sa PSBank, simple lang mag-ipon. With the PSBank Regular Passbook Savings, we will help build your savings easily and quickly, so you can achieve your financial goals within a short period of time.

Open an account at any branch and enroll in PSBank Online and PSBank Mobile.  Experience secure and convenient 24/7 e-banking facilities that offer delightful banking moments.

Minimum Maintaining Balance


Average Daily Balance to Earn Interest


Evidence of Deposit


Interest Rate

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Interest Crediting



  • Ready availability of funds

  • Easy tracking of transactions through the passbook

  • Deposit earns interest

  • Additional column in the passbook lets you write down details on every transaction

  • Enroll in PSBank Online and PSBank Mobile, the Bank's secure and convenient electronic banking facilities, to be able to check your account balances and perform other banking transactions anytime, anywhere
Service fee (falling below maintaining balance) PhP500 is charged if account falls below the required average daily balance for two consecutive months.
Service fee (accounts closed within 1 month from opening date) PhP500 is charged if account was closed within one month from opening date.

Note: All aforesaid fees and charges will take effect immediately and may be cancelled or modified anytime at the Bank’s sole discretion without any prior notice.

  • Completely filled-out bank forms:
    • Customer Information Sheet (CIS) for Individual Clients
    • Signature Card
    • Signing Instructions and Acknowledgement of Receipt Form

  • Presentation of at least one primary ID or two valid secondary IDs, one of which with photo and signature

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* Deposits are insured by PDIC up to PhP500,000 per depositor.



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