With Global Health Access, you have peace of mind knowing that you have access to the best healthcare anytime, anywhere in the world.

Global Health Access is a non-participating yearly, renewable-term health insurance plan. It reimburses the costs you incurred on necessary and eligible treatments.  It also gives you access to the best healthcare options available and provides worldwide medical coverage.


Please note that the foregoing is not a deposit product. Earnings are not assured and principal amount invested is exposed to risk of loss. This product cannot be sold to you unless its benefits and risks have been thoroughly explained. If you do not fully understand this product, do not purchase or invest in it.

  • Extensive global medical coverage of up to PhP150 million

  • Coverage for in-patient treatments and special out-patient conditions and procedures related to hospitalization within 90 days before confinement and 90 days after discharge plus an annual physical exam

  • Flexibility to choose your own doctor

  • 24/7 health support from AXA's professional healthcare practitioners

  • Hassle-free cashless transaction

  • Global Concierge

  • Global Health Access Transactional Forms

A completely filled-out Financial Product Referral Form (FPRF) forwarded to AXA’s Financial Specialist.

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