Secure your investment with Business Security, a comprehensive insurance package that caters to the requirements of business owners in cases of fire/lightning and allied perils, plus other applicable complimentary coverage.

Please note that the foregoing is not a deposit product. Earnings are not assured and principal amount invested is exposed to risk of loss. This product cannot be sold to you unless its benefits and risks have been thoroughly explained. If you do not fully understand this product, do not purchase or invest in it.

  • Covers the following businesses: stores, shops, offices, restaurants, clinics, kiosks, beauty salons, water refilling station.

  • Minimum sum insured of PhP1,000,000 and maximum of PhP10,000,000.
  • Fire and/or Lightning and Allied Perils

  • Alternative Accommodation

  • Fire Fighting Expense

  • Debris Removal

  • Professional Fees

  • Robbery and Burglary

  • Comprehensive General Liability

  • Fire Legal liability

  • Tenant's Liability

  • Premises Medical Payment

  • Personal Accident (for employees)

  • Money, Securities and Payroll

  • Fidelity Guarantee

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