Life insurance and savings plan-in-one that allows you to protect your family from financial worries while at the same time build funds for future expenses.


Please note that the foregoing is not a deposit product. Earnings are not assured and principal amount invested is exposed to risk of loss. This product cannot be sold to you unless its benefits and risks have been thoroughly explained. If you do not fully understand this product, do not purchase or invest in it.

  • Regular pay investment-linked plan

  • Minimum premium payment of 10 years

  • With 2 Types of Death Benefit: Level or Increasing
  • Life Insurance Protection

  • Protect your family with life insurance coverage of a minimum of PhP400,000 coverage

  • Long-Term Investment

  • Build funds for your future expenses through high-earning potential AXA investment funds.

  • Comprehensive Protection

  • Secure your  medical expenses through supplemental riders that cover critical illness, disability, and accidents.

A completely filled-out Financial Product Referral Form (FPRF) forwarded to AXA’s Financial Specialist.

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