MyLifeChoice allows you to design your personalized protection and investment plan that empowers you to pursue your dreams without worries — whether it’s your health, your child’s education, your family’s financial protection or an investment for your goals.

  • Personalized, goal-based plan designed for your priorities
  • Flexible payment period of 7 years, 10 years, or until age 90
  • Unique start-up bonus which invests an additional amount equivalent to 70% of your first year’s premiums in a fund of your choice on Day 1 and will be vested to you beginning Year 10 of your policy
  • Flexible protection coverage up to 30 times the amount you pay annually
  • Wide range of professionally managed investment funds that are invested locally and globally
  • Supplementary benefits to boost your protection such as critical illness coverage, daily hospitalization benefits, additional protection coverage, and education protection coverage
  • Built-in protection benefits that waives future payments in case of disablement and provides cash benefits for injuries due to accidents

A completely filled-out Financial Product Referral Form (FPRF) forwarded to AXA’s Financial Specialist.

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