The PSBank Personal Management Trust is a living trust created by an agreement, whereby the trustor conveys property or a sum of money to be managed by the trustee, as the agreement dictates, generally for the preservation of the assets or property for future use of the beneficiaries and / or to answer for their current needs.

The trustor may or may not nominate third-party beneficiary / beneficiaries. The trust agreement must specify the name/s of the beneficiaries.

Personal Management Trust (PMT) gives the trustor the convenience to access diversified financial instruments, becoming a popular alternative to traditional wills.

Minimum placement PhP100,000
Minimum holding period Six (6) months

The minimum entry amount and maintaining balance shall be equivalent to at least PhP100,000.00; provided that PMT with balances of up to PhP500,000 shall only be invested in deposits and government securities.

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