Don’t just be a depositor. Be an investor.

Set aside a portion of your monthly salary and invest it in your future through the PSBank Money Market Fund. This is PSBank’s first Unit Investment Trust Fund (UITF) that is perfect for new investors and also for retirees looking for an alternative way to grow their nest egg.

For a minimum of PhP10,000, a team of experts will manage your investment by choosing from among different low-risk financial instruments to optimize returns. Best of all, you can easily access your funds or its earnings anytime and hassle-free.

PSBank Money Market Fund is your affordable, prudent and liquid investment option.

Click here to download Declaration of Trust.

• The Money Market Fund (UITF) is a trust product and is not a deposit account. It is not insured by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC). It is not an obligation of, nor guaranteed, nor insured by the trust entity or its affiliates or subsidiaries.
• Due to the nature of the investments of a UITF, the returns/yields cannot be guaranteed. Historical performance, when presented, is purely for reference purposes and is not a guarantee of similar future performance.
• Any losses and income arising from market fluctuations and price volatility of the securities held by the UITF, even if invested in government securities, are for the account of the client. As such, the units of participation of the client in the UITF, when redeemed, may be worth more or worth less than their initial investment/contribution.
• The trustee is not liable for losses unless upon willful default, bad faith, or gross negligence.
• The investor must read the complete details of the fund in the UITF's Plan, make his/her own risk assessment, and when necessary, seek an independent/ professional opinion before making an investment.

Subject to exemptions under Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) regulations governing the mandatory cooling-off period, the TRUSTOR/s is/are entitled to a cooling-off period of two (2) banking days from the date of initial participation (the “Cooling-Off Period”) in the applicable FUND. Should the TRUSTOR/s decide(s) to avail of their right to Cooling-off period, the TRUSTOR/s shall give the TRUSTEE / MANAGER a written notice to cancel within such 2-banking period. In which case, the TRUSTEE / MANAGER shall refund or return to the TRUSTOR/s the amounts invested, including the documents submitted, without undue delay and within a maximum period of fifteen (15) banking days after receipt of such notice to cancel and shall charge ad withhold from said refund such processing fees or charges that are not greater than the actual or reasonable approximation of administrative costs incurred by the TRUSTEE as recovery thereof. As a result of the cancellation, the TRUSTOR/s understand(s) that such a cancellation may also result in a mark to market gain or loss depending on the prevailing NAVPU which shall be for the TRUSTOR/s’ own account. Otherwise, if the TRUSTOR/s fail to exercise such a right within the said Cooling-off period, the cancellation of investment beyond which shall be treated as a normal redemption subject to the applicable early redemption penalty.  The cooling-off period is available for financial consumers who are individuals, or micro and small enterprises as defined in applicable DTI regulations.

  • Affordable. For a minimum of PhP10,000, you can start investing and add a minimum of PhP5,000 placement to grow your funds.

  • Potential higher yields.There are possible higher returns in this pooled fund than in a regular savings account or a time deposit.

  • Convenient. No need to worry about your investments as a team of experts will invest and manage your funds to optimize your returns.

  • Accessible. Withdraw your funds anytime after the 30-day holding period without any charges or penalties.

The benchmark used for the PSBank Money Market Fund is the Philippine 91-day Treasury bills BVAL rate. The Bankers Association of the Philippines (BAP) is the benchmark administrator and owner of the PHP BVAL Reference Rates to be used as the Philippine Peso Government Securities benchmark in the GS market. The PHP BVAL Reference Rates are solely calculated by Bloomberg Finance Singapore L.P. and/or its affiliates (Bloomberg), under an agreement with the BAP. The BAP has engaged the Philippine Dealing System (PDS) to be its Benchmark Publication Agent and the BVAL rates for Government Securities are published on the PDS website daily at 5:00 p.m.

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  • Enjoy a greater advantage when you join a pooled fund because you may get higher returns on your investment for only a minimum placement.

  • You can withdraw your funds anytime after the 30-day holding period or make it a long-term investment.

  • It’s hassle-free. No need to administer/manage the funds yourself. A professional team takes care of your funds for you.

For more information:

  • Chat with us through PSBank LiveChat, para lahat ng tanong mo may sagot ora mismo!
  • Call PSBank Trust Division at (632) 8885-8287.
  • Contact our Customer Experience Hotline at (632) 8845-8888.
  • Visit any PSBank branch near you!

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