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For inquiries or concerns, you may contact us through the following: 
24/7 Customer Experience Hotline:
 (632) 8845 – 8888

Email: [email protected]
PSBank LiveChat:
ISSA Chatbot:

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Effective May 1, 2021, the new interest rate for

PSBank USD Passbook Savings account is 0.100%.

New ATM Fees 
Effective April 7, 2021
ATM Owner Shall be the One Charging Fees

Starting April 7, 2021, PSBank will no longer charge withdrawal and balance inquiry fees to its own cardholders when they use their PSBank-issued cards in OTHER BANKS' ATMs. Instead, the ATM OWNER SHALL BE THE ONE CHARGING A FEE for each withdrawal or balance inquiry transaction.  This is in line with the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) Monetary Board Resolution 1680 dated 22 December 2020 approving the implementation of the shift from issuing-based to acquirer-based ATM charging model.

PSBank ATM cardholders’ withdrawal and balance inquiries through PSBank ATMs shall continue to be FREE OF CHARGE. In addition, balance inquiries through Metrobank ATMs will also be free of charge and withdrawals will have a special rate of PhP7.50.


  Withdrawal Balance Inquiry

PSBank Cardholders using PSBank ATMs

Metrobank Cardholders using PSBank ATMs PhP7.50


Other BANKS' Cardholders using PSBank ATMs


with option to cancel


with option to cancel

PSBank Cardholders using OTHER BANKS' ATMs


Fee of the Owner of the ATM shall apply, with option to cancel.

* Fees may vary per ATM Owner


Effective February 1, 2021, the new interest rates are as follows:


Deposit Balance

Interest per Annum

PhP 25,000 to PhP 499,999

0.125 %

PhP 500,000 and up

0.250 %


To: All PSBank Mobile Check Deposit facility users,

In compliance with PCHC CICS Operating Memo 20-033, we would like to remind you of the guidelines below in order for us to facilitate processing of checks deposited via PSBank Mobile app:

  • Provide the required information at the back of the check (see illustration below for your reference):

    1. Indicate “For electronic endorsement to PSBank only”
    2. Your signature
    3. PSBank account number where the check will be deposited
    4. Date of deposit

  • Checks with any erasures, alterations or with multiple account numbers written at the back side of the check shall not be accepted for deposit.

    Thank you. 

Be suspicious of SMS/EMAILS asking you to share personal information or those which make you click links to verify your transactions.  DO NOT RESPOND TO THESE REQUESTS. NEVER SHARE ANY INFORMATION TO ANYONE.

Be suspicious SMS/EMAILS asking you to share share personal information or those which make you click links to verify your transactions.
PSBank will NEVER ask for confidential information such as username/ID, password, PIN, card/personal data through SMS or EMAIL.  The Bank will NEVER ask you to verify your account or transactions via email, SMS or phone call.

Regularly update your personal details with your branch.  Call our Customer Experience Hotline at (02) 8845-8888 for queries.

Pharming is a type of online fraud conducted by hackers to grab your personal information through the Internet. It is similar to the more familiar "phishing" attacks wherein a victim clicks on a link and is directed to a fake website. In pharming, a user inputs the legitimate website address into the browser's address bar but will still be directed to a bogus website. Either way, the fraudulent website will look the same as the actual one.

Please read through the tips below so that you can still continue to enjoy the convenient and easy way of doing your banking transactions online.

  1. Regularly update the ANTI-VIRUS and ANTI-SPYWARE software installed in your computer.
  2. ONLY log in to PSBank Online via with your Username and Password; no other information will be required or asked from you.
  3. When websites you regularly visit suddenly require you to input your account number/s, PIN and other sensitive information to log in, you may be encountering a possible attack.
  4. Ensure that the website address of the PSBank Online login page is from our SECURE SITE "".
  5. Verify the VERISIGN SSL CERTIFICATE if it is current and updated.
  6. DO NOT download suspicious attachments and click links included in your email messages and/or Facebook and other social networking site accounts.
  7. Regularly MONITOR the activities of your account/s.
  8. If you suspect that your PSBank Online access has been compromised, IMMEDIATELY change your password and call our 24/7 Customer Experience hotline at (632) 8845-8888.

PSBank strives to protect all our customers from possible online attacks. With your help and vigilance, we can avoid this from happening. Report suspicious activities on your PSBank accounts by calling our 24/7 CX Hotline mentioned above or contact us here.

Be Aware! is PSBank's consumer protection campaign that provides clients with the necessary information to protect them and their hard-earned savings against scams.





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