Bank on the go with our PSBank Mobile –  packed with powerful functionalities – giving you the convenience of doing your banking transactions with just a few taps on your mobile phone. 

Now, you can have the time to focus on the moments that matter.

Check out these cutting-edge features:

Online Account OpeningWith just one (1) valid primary ID, a selfie, and a few taps on the app, you’ll be able to open a PSBank peso savings or prepaid card account whenever you want and wherever you are.  Tap, tap, tapos agad!

Toll RFID Reload -  Load Autosweep and Easytrip Toll RFIDs in real-time.

Mobile Time Deposit Placement – Open a Peso Time Deposit account from the comfort of your home, 24/7 with just a few taps on your mobile phone. No need to go to the bank. 

Mobile Check Deposit – Deposit checks using PSBank Mobile just by taking a photo. No need to go the bank to get the checks cleared.

PSBank QR – Scan or Upload QR code to send money to PSBank and other participating Banks' account. Generate your own QR code and send to persons for you to receive money or payments more conveniently.  Plus, you can now make payments to QRPh-Affiliated stores by simply scanning their QR code.

PaSendSend cash 24/7 and withdraw at any PSBank or Metrobank ATM. No bank account or ATM card required for recipients.

PayMe – A first in the local banking industry, allowing PSBank Mobile clients to request for money from other users in a snap! Collecting payments quickly and easily is made possible with this unique feature.

Cardless Withdrawal – Withdraw cash without the need for an ATM card at any PSBank or Metrobank ATM.

ATM Card Lock/Unlock – Secure your funds with our PSBank ATM Card lock and unlock functionality. Security at your fingertips.

Quick View – View account balances without the need to log in; clients can also avail of the ATM lock / unlock functionality.

Other features/functionalities available on the  PSBank Mobile allows you to:

  • Login via Touch/Face ID
  • Log-in with save username feature
  • Monitor accounts in real-time
  • Transfer funds to PSBank and other banks using account number or QR code
  • Make payments to QRPh-Affiliated stores by scanning their QR code
  • Pay bills 24/7
  • Reload prepaid and broadband
  • View issued checks
  • Re-order checkbooks
  • Redo previous transactions with Favorites
  • Block the use of lost or stolen cards
  • Set mobile alerts for your debit and bills payment transactions

Download PSBank Mobile at App Store, Google Play, or the AppGallery today!


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Downloading the PSBank Mobile App requires the use of internet connection. If you are using a wi-fi connection, there will be no airtime load deductions from your mobile phone. On the other hand, if you are using your mobile phone’s 3G or 4G connection, regular telco data charges will apply.

Click here to read the full terms and conditions.

For more information:


* Deposits are insured by PDIC up to PhP500,000 per depositor.

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