Terms and Conditions

These are the Terms and Conditions ("Agreement") for PSBank Mobile ("PSBM") and all its features and/or functionalities ("Service") between PSBank ("Bank") and its depositors and borrowers ("Customer") who registered for the Service. This Agreement shall be in addition to and not in derogation of other terms and conditions relating to any account of the Customer and/or the respective product or service provided by the Bank.

Your availment and activation of the Service will be deemed as confirmation that you have read and understood the Agreement and that you unconditionally bind yourself to all terms and conditions herein. PSBank may, at any time, modify this Agreement, and such modifications shall be effective immediately upon posting of the modified Agreement in the PSBank Website @ You agree to review the Agreement periodically and your continued access or use of the Service shall be deemed as your conclusive acceptance of the modified Agreement.


'Account', refers to the Savings/Current, Loan, Debit or any other type of account which a Customer maintains with PSBank and has enrolled in PSBank Mobile Service.

User Account refers to the account created by the Customer and registered at PSBank Mobile App in order to access PSBM, subject to its activation by the Customer, the existence of active Account/s, and the terms and conditions herein.

'App' means the Bank's Mobile Banking Application which will be downloaded onto the mobile phone of the Customer. Usual data charges apply for the App download.

'Bank', shall be used alternately with 'PSBank' to refer to Philippine Savings Bank.

'Customer' refers to an individual client (single proprietors included) who maintains an account with PSBank and enrolls this in, and uses PSBank Mobile service.

‘Device’ refers to the mobile device being used by the Customer in accessing PSBank Mobile.

'Enroll/Enrollment' refers to the Customer's initiative to register with the PSBank Mobile service subject to approval of the Bank.

'Financial Transactions' refers to any payment, prepaid reloading and fund transfer requests thru PSBM that maybe executed immediately or on a future date specified by Customer.

'Instruction' shall be used herein to collectively refer to any inquiry, change, update, subscription or any other requests such as but not limited to financial and non-financial transactions requested by Customer using his Password.

'Password' pertains to the 8 to 15 -digit alphanumeric password used by Customer to access PSBM or transact a mobile banking transaction. It refers to either the password nominated by the Customer or the one-time transaction password generated by the Bank to authenticate a financial transaction.

'Username' pertains to the up to 15 alphanumeric user access nominated by the Customer during his enrollment to the PSBank Mobile service.

'Prepaid Reload', refers to the payment service that allows Customers to reload/top-up their PSBank Prepaid Accounts, prepaid cellular and/or broadband accounts.

'Service' shall be used herein to collectively describe the PSBank Mobile service and all its features and functionalities such as financial and non-financial transactions.

'SMS Alerts', refers to the subscription-based SMS messaging functionality of PSBank Mobile wherein the Customer may request for in order to receive periodic SMS messages based on triggers or conditions s/he set on his Account.

All the terms "You", "Your" and "Yours" will refer to the PSBank Customer enrolled in PSBank Mobile Service. The terms "We", "Us" and "Our" refer to PSBank.


The service is an added protection on the use of PSBank Mobile by requiring you to authenticate your identity by using an OTP, which will be generated via PSBank Mobile. When OTP is requested while logged in and transacting via PSBank Mobile, the In-App OTP will be auto populated in the OTP field. In case In-App OTP is requested while logged out in PSBank Mobile, the OTP will be displayed in an App Notification. The generated OTP is valid for fifteen (15) minutes from the time it was requested.


The Service allows you to save your username in the App to eliminate the need to input for future logins. After opting in to the Service and upon opening the App, the username field on the login page will be populated automatically. The characters displayed will be masked except for the last 3 characters.


The Service provides you an alternative way to authenticate your identity to login to the App. Instead of using your Username and Password, your identity is authenticated using any of the fingerprints registered in your mobile phone. This feature is only available to mobile phones with fingerprint sensors and with OS versions that support the Touch ID functionality.


The Service allows you to view your account balances without authentication. By clicking the Quick View button in the log-in page, client will be able to view the balances of his/her enrolled accounts. Through the Service, you will also be able to Lock / Unlock all cards linked to a chosen Account. Only the last 4 digits of the account number of each account will be viewable in the Service.


PSBank Mobile is available on Customer’s request for enrollment and upon approval of the Bank.

Any PSBank Customer with active or new accounts may enroll in the Service by providing the needed customer information and nominating a username and password in accessing his/her bank accounts thru the PSBM. The bank has the sole discretion to approve or decline a Customer’s enrollment requests for any reason.

Joint "and/or" and "or" accounts may be enrolled in PSBM. Each member of the joint "and/or" and "or" accounts has to enroll individually and separately use a different username and password.

Partnership and corporate accounts, as well as joint "and" accounts, cannot be enrolled in the Service.


You hereby irrevocably authorize the Bank to receive, process, store, and/or disclose , without prior notice, any information, whether personal/sensitive/privileged or otherwise, concerning or related to the Account, User Account, funds, products, services, and channels, to any institution, service provider, affiliate or subsidiary of the Bank, or third person, if necessary and/or required: (a) in order to facilitate the delivery, administration, operation, and/or implementation of the Account, User Account, funds, products, services, and channels; (b) for the protection and safeguarding of the Account, User Account, funds, products, services, and channels against fraudulent, unauthorized, or illegal transactions; (c) in the validation, verification, and updating of the said information; (d) if under any agreement, the Bank is obligated to disclose said information in order to enforce its rights or perform its obligations therein; (e) if so provided by any law, rules and regulations of any government agency having authority or jurisdiction over the BANK; (f) in the prosecution of the BANK'S claims for any loss or damage it sustained, or by its officers, employees, and agents as a result of any dispute or claim, whether or not filed in court, involving the Account, User Account, funds, products, services, and channels ; or (g) for the insurance or otherwise against all kinds of risks against loss or damage including but not limited to fraud or unauthorized charges;

You expressly waive your rights under any confidentiality laws, either in the Philippines or other jurisdictions, including but not limited to Republic Act (RA) No. 1405 (Law on the Secrecy of Bank Deposits), RA No. 6426 (The Foreign Currency Deposit Act), RA No. 8971 (General Banking Law of 2000), RA No. 10173 (Data Privacy Act of 2012), and authorizes the processing and storing, access to and/or sharing and disclosure of any information regarding the Account (s), the funds, products, services, facilities and channels which is/are availed pursuant to these Terms and Conditions.


The Bank shall process and safeguard Customer's personal, account and any other information communicated to it in accordance with the declared, specified and legitimate purpose for which they were obtained within the bounds of applicable Philippine laws such as Republic Act Nos. 1405 and 6426 (deposit secrecy laws), Republic Act No. 10173 (Data Privacy Act of 2012), their Implementing Rules & Regulations and other related rules & regulations that may be issued by the pertinent regulatory agencies such as the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) and the National Privacy Commission (NPC).

The Privacy and Security Policy, which contains the norms, infrastructure, standards, and procedures by which the Bank shall continually safeguard customer information and ensure its confidentiality, shall be made available to Customer through the Bank's website.

You are aware that PSBank Mobile is accessible through the username and password you registered with the Bank and any Instruction using the same, whether initiated by you or not, shall be deemed to have originated from you.

You are aware of the confidential nature of your password or any other passwords, and this Agreement and confirm that you accept full responsibility for all transactions processed through the use of your password. Any Instruction using your password shall be conclusively presumed to have been made or authorized by you.

You agree that the Bank shall not be liable for any fraudulent, duplicate or erroneous instructions given to the Bank by usage of your password. The Bank shall not be required to verify or make further inquiry into the identity of the sender, or the message integrity of any Instruction received by it, so long as it satisfies itself of the correctness of the username and password used to transact on PSB Mobile.

You shall not disclose to other people any information that should only be known by you (Account Number and assigned Account Nickname, Username and Password). You shall not hold PSBank liable, and shall further hold it free and harmless, and defend it, against any and all claims or causes of action or accusation, for all unauthorized transactions as a consequence of your Account details and PSB Mobile information being known and hence misused by any other person.

You understand that the Service has various internal security measures and you agree to use the following precautions when using the Service, to further minimize the probability of error, fraud or any unauthorized transactions:

  • You shall not store nor record your password in the manner that would compromise the security of your PSBank Mobile transactions.
  • You undertake to change your password at regular interval, at the instruction of PSBank, or on any event of breach of confidentiality.
  • You hereby acknowledge and accept that SMS notifications may be sent to you without being encrypted and may include your name and information pertaining to your Account(s). You undertake to delete from the Inbox/Sent Items Folder of the mobile phone and/or of the e-mail address all messages relating to the Service including but not limited to SMS Alerts that may contain certain Account information. The Bank shall not be held liable for any breach of confidentiality of Account details sent to the Customer's mobile device and/or email.
  • You shall log off after using the Service to prevent unauthorized access to your account.
  • You undertake to protect your mobile device/telecommunications equipment from any data failure, corruption, computer viruses and bugs or related defects.

You undertake to inform and call PSBank Customer Experience Group, immediately and without delay, of any event of loss/stolen mobile phone and/or SIM for immediate deactivation of the Service. All transactions and instructions conducted and received via your SIM prior to the knowledge of PSBank of such loss or theft shall be binding upon you and shall be presumed to have been sent by you. You shall therefore not hold PSBank liable, and shall further hold it free and harmless, and defend it, against any and all claims or causes of action or accusation, for all unauthorized transactions and instructions executed prior to the knowledge of PSBank of such loss or theft.

You undertake to protect your mobile device/telecommunications equipment from any data failure, corruption, computer viruses and bugs or related defects.

You shall then be solely liable for any loss in connection with breach of the terms and conditions contained herein due to negligent actions or failure to advice the Bank within a reasonable time about any unauthorized access to your Accounts.


The Bank shall use reasonable efforts to ensure that the Service is available 24/7 and shall exert best efforts to execute Instructions such as but not limited to SMS Alerts, Payments and Fund Transfers within the timeframe specified by the Bank. However, we do not guarantee the fulfillment of Instructions/availability of PSB Mobile service by reason of the services being temporarily unavailable due to maintenance; computer, telecommunication, electrical, network failure and/or any other reasons beyond the control of the Bank. We shall not be liable for any loss, damage whether direct or indirect, costs, charges or expenses incurred or to be incurred by Customer due to a delay / inability in providing the Service.

You acknowledge that the receipt of any text/SMS message including but not limited to SMS Alerts may be delayed or disrupted by factor(s) affecting your telecommunications equipment or network facilities provided by your telecoms service provider and other factors outside our control such as but not limited to signal problems, mobile number inactive or inaccessible or cellular equipment malfunction, closed/blocked/dormant mobile service accounts or insufficient mobile airtime credits/balance. The Bank shall not be held liable for any loss, damages any late charges, penalty, loss, damage, expenses, whether direct or indirect, incurred/to be incurred by Customer on account of such non-receipt of SMS messages.


Any Instruction received thru PSBank Mobile shall be irrevocable and the Bank shall not be held liable for any erroneous transaction/s arising from inaccurate information you supplied.

You shall be responsible for keying in the correct account number/s, bill reference numbers or any account identification numbers for any payment, prepaid reload, fund transfer or any other financial Instructions.

You shall hold the Bank harmless against any claims arising out of mistakes you made in transacting Prepaid Reload including but not limited to (1) mobile number keyed in by mistake; (2) postpaid number selected for reload; (3) selection of expired prepaid mobile number or any other inadvertent/wrong entry.

You shall hold the Bank harmless against any loss, damages any late charges, penalty, loss, damage, expenses, whether direct or indirect, incurred/to be incurred by you and/or the Utilities/Services not being delivered by the Merchant Establishments on account of such non-processing of Instructions due to the inadvertent typing errors/inaccurate information you supplied.

In the event of any payment Instruction declined or any failed prepaid reload transaction for any reason whatsoever, the Bank shall credit back the amount of payment to your Account and shall not be liable for any late charges, penalty, loss, damage, whether direct or indirect, costs, charges or expenses you incurred in this regard.

You further agree that any complaint in connection with unprocessed prepaid reload or declined/unposted payments shall be referred to and addressed by your telecoms provider or your merchant establishment/s.

You agree that the Bank may place limits, as it deems fit from time to time, on the number of transactions that you may carry out in a particular period or the aggregate payments and/or fund transfers that the Customer may make during a particular period or any other restrictions as the Bank may, in its sole discretion, place on the Account. You hereby agree to abide by and be bound by all such limits that may be placed by the Bank from time to time.


You understand that you have full rights to modify any profile information registered for the Service and have the sole option to enroll in subscription-based SMS Alerts. The Bank has the sole discretion to deny at any time certain profile management and subscription rights.

You agree that Instructions such as request to modify your PSBank Mobile profile information including but not limited to addition/change of e-mail address may also be given by phone to the Bank?s Customer Experience Group.

The Bank will exercise due diligence in verifying your details over the phone, but you understand that you shall be solely responsible and liable for any and all losses that may be suffered/incurred by you as a consequence of inaccurate information or inadvertent error that transpired during the phone conversation.


You understand that PSBank Mobile SMS Alerts is a subscription-based SMS service that enables you to request and receive real-time SMS notifications including but not limited to account balance reporting, debit notifications, debit frequency alerts. SMS alerts are triggered by the specific settings/limits you set prior to activation of the SMS alert service.

By subscribing to PSBank Mobile SMS Alerts you understand that Alerts is a trigger-based SMS service, and you hereby grant permission to the Bank to send out SMS messages to your mobile phone any time of the day.

You also hold the Bank harmless from any and all liability relating to secrecy laws or regulations, should any Alerts are delivered to your mobile phone which may include your name and information pertaining to your Account(s) be viewed or accessed by persons other than yourself.

You understand that by enrolling and/or activating PSBank Mobile you hereby agree and grant permission to the Bank to push SMS messages relating to the Service any time of the day. You thereby hold the Bank free and harmless against any and all liability, administrative, civil or criminal, including, but not limited to, to those relating SMS spam complaints.


You understand that your access to PSBank Mobile service will utilize the network facilities and services of your telecoms provider and to this extent such access will also be subject to and governed by any terms and conditions prescribed by your telecoms provider in separate agreements with you.

You agree that your telecoms provider has the sole discretion to charge fees as it may deem fit and you shall be responsible for all fees, charges and expenses which may be imposed by your provider in servicing your telecommunications equipment in connection with the use of PSBank Mobile service.

However, you, at any time, may discontinue or unsubscribe to the services such as but not limited to SMS Alerts, but you shall remain liable for payment of airtime, bill or other charges in connection with availing of PSBank Mobile which may have been charged by your telecoms service provider prior to such disconnection/ un subscription requests.

PSBank shall not be involved in or in any way liable to for any dispute between you and a cellular service provider or any third party service provider.

Without prejudice to applicable BSP (Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas) Rules and Regulations, PS Bank likewise reserve the right to charge a fee for PSBank Mobile, exclusive of the amount payable to any of your telecoms service provider, and at the absolute discretion of PSBank at any time without your prior consent. Proper and timely notice of such changes in charges however shall be made on the PSBank Website and/or other media shall be consistently made prior to effecting any change. Proper and timely notice shall mean the standard 30-day notice prior to the effectivity on changes of terms and conditions of contracts. Such notice shall be deemed accepted by you to be sufficient and proper upon your conformity with this Agreement.


The Bank may at its sole discretion temporarily suspend or terminate the Service either wholly or partially, for whatever reason, without giving any prior notice. The Bank shall not be liable for any loss, damage whether direct or indirect, costs, charges or expenses incurred or to be incurred by you due to a delay / inability in providing the Service.

The Bank may also act upon your request for temporary turn off of the Service. You understand that all financial transactions for future date execution shall be automatically cancelled and all subscription-based Alerts shall be suspended. You shall hold the Bank harmless against any claims, loss, damages, costs, charges or expenses arising out of cancellation and non-execution of future-dated financial transactions and subscription-based Alerts as a consequence of such deactivation request.


You hereby irrevocably authorized the Bank to permanently deactivate your User Account in case of your failure to activate it for a period of three (3) years from registration, or your failure to maintain any active Account with the Bank. In permanently deactivating your User Account, the Bank shall have the right not to include the same in the Bank’s system or pool of registered online accounts.


Under no circumstances shall We be liable for any loss or damages whatsoever arising out of or in connection with: (i) your use of or access to (or inability to use or access) the Service; or (ii) any failure, error, omission, interruption, defect or delay in transmission of any data relating to the Service, unless it is caused solely by the negligence or willful default on Our part or on the part of Our staff or agents. We shall not be liable to you and/or third party for any modification, non-availability, malfunctioning, suspension or discontinuance of the Service, whether within or outside Our control.


This Agreement shall be governed by the pertinent laws of the Republic of the Philippines as well as all applicable rules and regulations of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. You agree that you will not use our Service in an unlawful, fraudulent or abusive manner or for any purpose that is not allowed by this Agreement.


Should We be compelled to engage the services of Legal Counsel to enforce the terms of this Agreement or when the matter is referred to a collection agent, Client agrees to pay attorney's fees equal to the amount sought to be recovered, which in no case be less than P5,000 and liquidated damages equal to the amount sought to be recovered aside from actual costs of collection.


Any and all actions arising out of this Agreement shall be solely and exclusively filed before the proper court of Makati City, to the exclusion of all other venues.

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